Marching band.

1. What instrument do you play?

Bass one. 

2. What are your school colors?

Red, black, white, yellow. 

3. What did you think of your band uniform?

They honestly aren’t that bad.

4. Do you high step or roll step?

Roll step.

5. What was your favorite song to play?

World, we don’t really have a set name for this song haha.

6. Do you like your band director?

He aiight.

7. Do you like your drum majors?

They aiight…

8. What do you dislike about your drum majors?

Too quiet & don’t know how to take charge of the band.  

9. What do you dislike about your band director?

He doesn’t seem to understand when people need breaks, working for two hours straight is a lot of stress on some people. Plus his jokes are the same ones year after year and are no longer funny.

10. What do you like most about your band director?

He is a great person to be around and is very understanding to a point, but also knows when the band needs to be pushed.

11. Did you go on any band trips?

My freshman year we went to Busch Gardens, sophomore year we went on a cruise to Nassau, junior year we went to Disney Land, and I think this year we’re going to BG again.  

12. What was your favorite band trip?

Definitely Disney Land. No drama, just me and my dudes exploring the parks. 

13. What was your least favorite song to play?

Release the Kracken. *shoots my brains out*

14. How long have you been in marching band?

Currently my 4th year.

15. What do you love the most about marching?

I love the people that I’ve met, the things I’ve learned, the places I’ve been, and the things I’ve accomplished not only as a person but also the band itself.